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Every time an old era of fashion returns to haunt us there is a rush to the thrift stores and vintage shops to be the first to own the latest and greatest retro fashion find. Currently retro 1980s fashion is the thing. Of course you can now go to the malls and buy the reworked fashions but what fun is that?
Published by Judith Barton 73 months ago in Vintage & Retro Fashion | +5 votes | 4 comments
Poison rings, or pillbox rings were created in the late 1500's and used well into the 1600's to carry poison to either assassinate another person or kill oneself if imminent harm were to come to the wearer. These rings appeared in most ways as an ornamental piece of jewelry, but what other didn't know was that the ring would open and underneath the precious stones and glitz on top of the ring was a secret compartment to store weapons of murder--poison. These were savvy tools used by spies in t...
Published by Amy Russell 74 months ago in Vintage & Retro Fashion | +6 votes | 6 comments
The 1920's not only brought renewed fashion, hairstyles and romance, the era created happiness. "So yesterday" were conservative long hairstyles in a bun, long skirts and prim and proper behavior. Although the spirited trend brought magic, charm and beauty into one's life, there was also was tragedy, illusion and pain.
Published by Cheryl Murphy 75 months ago in Vintage & Retro Fashion | +16 votes | 7 comments
Do you like vintage and retro fashion? If so you might be interested in this article as it takes a look at television shows and movies to watch for vintage fashion inspiration. The shows include; Mad Men, Pan Am, The Help, Boardwalk Empire, South Riding , The Notebook, Closing the Ring, and Cloudstreet.
Published by Kimberley Heit 75 months ago in Vintage & Retro Fashion | +12 votes | 9 comments
This article provides a list of places to look for vintage sewing patterns.
Published by Kimberley Heit 76 months ago in Vintage & Retro Fashion | +7 votes | 6 comments
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